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Space Needle and whale-watching

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It was a pretty okay breakfast at our staying at the downtown hostel. We could satisfy our hunger but that was it. We dressed up in warm clothes and drove off to Everett and the whale-watching we had reserved in advance. The sun was absent and the sky was really cloudy. The rain was on the way and it was drizzling at first but the further out on the sea we got the more it rained.

255-Valsafari.jpg 243-California_Sea_Lion.jpg

First, we spotted several California Sea Lions lying upon huge buoys where some of them were proudly posing for us when we passed while the others didn’t care at all. Magnificent animals!


Earlier during the day, they had seen the gray whales in a certain area which the captain was heading for. Then we waited... and we didn’t have to wait for long until the first water puff could be seen. The captain was well prepared about the whales and told us that one of the gray whales we saw today was called Patch since he had a patch on his body. Patch had been traced since 1991 and had been spotted here ever since. For about 1 ½ hour we watched the gray whales and I managed to get great pictures of the water puffs and sometimes even the tail fin could be seen. But in the end, it was freezing!


264-Utsikt..pace_Needle.jpg 269-Utsikt..pace_Needle.jpg

When we returned to Seattle it was time to pay Space Needle a visit. We felt pretty small standing next to the entrance looking up on the 184-meter-high tower, but we just had to get up there! We paid and got into line to the elevator… well, the elevators. It was four elevators and a host in each of them. I don’t know why, maybe because of safety reasons? Anyway, the elevator went up with racer speed and it took only seconds to go up to the observation deck and the restaurant. What a view! A view over the entire Seattle with the mountains in the background – beautiful! Unfortunately, it was cloudy but at least it didn’t rain. My fellow traveler had a hard time struggling with her fear of heights but I think she did great after a while. Then we took the elevator down again and visited the Space Needle gift shop.

After this day’s adventures we returned to our hostel and tried to find a somewhat cheap parking lot in Seattle (downtown)… which is not easy! It’s difficult to drive at all in downtown Seattle due to all 3 lane one-way-streets. And of you have a GPS that literally screams “TAKE LEFT!” when you’re in the right lane… is not easy! Eventually I lost my temper so my fellow traveler had to take over the wheels and find a parking lot. And when we finally parked the car and got back to our hostel we practically tumbled into bed; we were that tired!

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