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Twin Peaks and Iron Horses

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We checked out from the hostel pretty early in the morning and parked the car to visit Seattle Aquarium at Pier 59. There were a lot of aquariums with many different species of fishes, jellyfishes, sea horses, octopuses and species I’ve never seen before. In another building they had sharks, rays, eels, seals and otters among other species. Totally worth a visit, even though you’re not that into fishes. After the visit we went to Pine Place Market with a lot of booths with flowers, handicraft, freshly caught fish, clothes, souvenirs and food all within a stone’s throw of Seattle Aquarium. There were activities everywhere and the market was spread out on several floors.


Now we felt all done with Seattle and started to drive towards Montana along I-90-East. First stop was Snoqualmie and the famous waterfall there, known from the TV series Twin Peaks (1989-1991). It was easy finding Snoqualmie Falls since it was well-posted signs and a lot of parking lots. During this time of the year when the water level was high, water drops whipped up from the fall even all the way to the Viewing Point which we were standing.


We kept going on I-90-East and soon started to see huge mountains in the horizon. It was Cascade Range piling up far away and we were soon enough right in the middle of those mountains. Cascade Range proudly piled up on each side of the road and it was beautiful to see the snow-covered peaks partly surrounded with fog. And the higher up in the mountains we got, the lower the temperature dropped. At the lowest it was 0 Centigrade. Eventually it started to snow and we drove side-by-side with snow banks close to 2 meters of height! At that point we had to drive very slowly at that since we didn’t know if our rental car had winter tires on. When the snowing stopped and we came down to a flatter and agriculture landscape again we could finally relax.


Later along the way we stopped by some View Point Area’s, which were well posted from the road. At one of those places there were huge iron horses upon a high hill. We just had to get up there! Said and done, we started uphill hike. It was very windy but it was damn steep too. When only half way up we could only state… “What have we gotten ourselves into?” But we kept on hiking uphill until we reached those iron horses. After some pictures taken and enjoying the amazing view, we had to walk downhill again and then keep going along I-90-East. We drove as far as we could and arrived in Spokane before we had to find a place to stay for the night.

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Yosemite National Park

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Worst breakfast ever at the hostel, so we had to stop for breakfast on the way towards Yosemite National Park. It took about 4 hours to drive from San Francisco to Yosemite National Park (time for breakfast along the way not included in that time). Many roads were closed due to snow just like in Yellowstone National Park. Yosemite National Park suffers from forest fires every year and there were posted signs in the beginning of the park that warned about forest fires. Besides beautiful views there are many high waterfalls and a lot of animals – we saw coyotes, squirrels, lizards and deer.

25-Yosemite_N_P_.jpg 54-Yosemite_N_P_.jpg

57-Yosemite_N_P_.jpg 72-Yosemite_N_P_.jpg

83-Yosemite_N_P_.jpg 86-Yosemite_N_P_.jpg

During sunset we started to drive back to San Francisco again. Along the way we randomly stopped in Mariposa, a small village in the middle of nowhere. And here, in the very same restaurant we had chosen, a company also talking Swedish came in. We started talking to them and after a while we discovered that one of them actually lives in the same city as my fellow traveler and that person also knows my fellow travelers' mother. What a coincident! What are the odds? One in a million?

But we couldn’t stay for long since we had to get back to San Francisco before midnight. Driving in a completely unfamiliar area on roads you never driven before and with worthless headlights on the car was not fun. While driving in middle of nowhere we discovered an interesting phenomenon. In several intersections after each other there were 4-way stop signs, though it appeared to be only fields around us as far as we could see with the headlights out in the pitch-black dark night. So weird. But we couldn’t just ignore the signs, and then it would definitely have been a police car hiding in the dark waiting for us and initiate a pull over.

Due to fatigue we had to take turns driving and it felt like ages before we came back to San Francisco again. Eventually, after making one wrong turn (which we blame the GPS for) we got back to our hostel and got into bed at 3 am! So once again we cursed and threatened the stupid GPS.

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