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South on Pacific Coast Highway 1

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We checked out from the hostel on our last day in San Francisco and drove to Golden Gate Bridge. We didn’t have to pay any toll fee while driving north across the bridge. After some photos of the bridge we got lost trying to drive back to the Golden Gate Bridge and got all the way to Muir Woods and Stinson Beach. That stupid GPS once again fooled us in the wrong direction. Even though we had typed in an address south along the Pacific Coast Highway 1, the GPS showed us to drive north. Then we decided to look at our paper map and defy the GPS and completely turn around. We followed the paper map and road signs instead and after a few miles the GPS surrendered to us and recalculated the route in the right direction. So finally, the GPS, the map and my friend and I were all on the same page. Now driving south, we had to pay toll fee crossing the Golden Gate Bridge.

B9A74CC298D66C3C6C3AEEB7A65275CD.jpg 56-Highway_1.jpg


Now we were driving southbound on Pacific Coast Highway 1, with the steep hills, the ocean and the beaches. It was really stunning and the further south we got the more the sun shined. We stopped several times along the way for photos and to feel the temperature of the ocean water in the Pacific Ocean. In the end of the day it got pretty warm but windy. The road lingered itself along the coastline and in the evening, we had the opportunity to photograph an amazing sunset over the Pacific Ocean. When it was dark, we actually passed a beach full of Elephant Seals, unfortunately too dark for any photographs so we decided to go back tomorrow for photos in daylight. We found a staying in San Simeon for the night, not far away from the beach with the Elephant Seals. San Simeon is located between San Francisco and Los Angeles along the Pacific Coast Highway 1. It’s a nice little community in the middle of nowhere. In the evening we went out for dinner and at the pub nearby it was karaoke and an Elvis look-a-like that performed. It was fun to watch.

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Pacific Coast Highway 1 and Malibu Pier

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4-Ekorre.jpg 10-Elephant_Seals.jpg

After check-out from the hotel in San Simeon we went back to the beach with all the Elephant Seals to take some photos in daylight, since it was too dark yesterday evening. The first we got to see were squirrels and especially a female squirrel with two adorable squirrel babies, they were sooooo cute! All the Elephant Seals were down at the beach being lazy, splashing some sand on or itching themselves. Today in broad daylight they weren’t “talking” as much as they had done last night.

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We kept on driving along the Pacific Coast Highway 1 towards Los Angeles. When the highway passed through larger cities it was poorly signed where to drive, which got us lost several times. Anyway, we got down to Oxnard and I did have an extra eye out for “the Hammer” (Ernie Orosco), the well-known police officer in the town of Oxnard that once initiating a traffic stop, he will give you a ticket no matter what. But I didn’t see a single cop in Oxnard. We drove further along the Pacific Coast Highway 1 and reached Malibu Beach and Malibu Pier. Honestly, I thought the pier was supposed to be larger than it actually was. Well, been there done that anyway ;)


We drove the short distance left to Los Angeles. Once in Los Angeles we checked in at our staying and went to a local restaurant for dinner. We nor had time or wanted to do something else that evening since we were so tired.

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