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Los Angeles: Universal Studios

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The entire day was dedicated for the visit at Universal Studios. We had booked VIP Experience tickets in advance so we would get the most out of this day, while we were here. And it was worth every penny! I highly recommend VIP Experience tickets for those who visit Universal Studios for the first time. To be able to enjoy all VIP services everyone with VIP tickets got a necklace that they had to keep the entire day. We were divided into smaller groups of 10 people in each and every group got their own guide. Our guide was Doug, a super nice, well-spoken American that really loved his job. He talked and talked and he had great humor as well. So, thumbs up for you Doug! So, during the next 7 hours he guided us around the Universal Studios.

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So, what was included in the VIP Experience?
Beside priority lane to everything in the park (and seats in the front), a fabulous lunch was included at a luxuries restaurant with buffet so you could eat all you wanted. Lovely dessert! Doug told us afterwards that the lunch itself did cost about $250! And on top of that we got free water bottles the entire day. We also got to ride on our own VIP-car with Doug by the microphone speaking and joking about everything. The VIP-car drove us to Wisteria Lane, known from the TV series Desperate Housewives and where they actually shot the scenes. And when we passed a studio and it said C.S.I. on one of the trailers outside I really wanted to get off the VIP-car and go inside but I couldn’t… unfortunately. We visited another studio and went behind the scenes of the TV series Parenthood. We also got to walk through the Costumes and Props (for the entire Universal Studios) that beside all clothes also contained props like lamps, cutleries, paintings and so on.

What about all the rides?
Well, we started with the Jurassic Park Ride. Doug warned us that we would get wet during this ride and handed out rain ponchos for each and one of us. I thought: ok, it can’t be that bad… but I must say it was nice to actually wear that poncho because the water came from everywhere! And the entire ride ended with a 25-meter fall… that was not nice! A little warning would have been nice! And they photographed us during that fall and afterwards you were able to buy that photo. Only $24! Haha, are you kidding me? Damn that was expensive. It should have been included in the VIP ticket in my opinion!
Transformers in 3D. Not impressive at all. Sure, the 3D effect made it a little more real, but a lot of robots running around and fighting each other… no thank you.
Revenge of the Mummy – the Ride. Finally, a ride with some speed. Thumbs up! And we liked it both my fellow traveler and I. I think we rode it like 4 times or so during the day. Also, here they took a photo of you that you could buy for a shameless price.
Terminator 2: 3D. Say what you want about Arnold in the Terminator-movies, but this show just sucked! The volume was too high, the 3D movie was mixed with (bad) acting on stage and everything just got into a mess. It was just bad!
Water World. I have no idea what this is really about or where they got it from. But a few people rode around in a water landscape, sometimes on boats and sometimes on water scooters and fought each other. I didn’t like it. For us with VIP tickets had reserved seats in the back, and not in the front. But we soon realized why. The two front rows were marked as Wet Zone and before the show started, they tried to get the audience wet by spraying water on the people in the Wet Zone. Haha, that was the only fun part of the Water World.
The Simpson Ride. As a fan of the Simpsons I was looking forward to this ride. It was what I had expected but a little short.
Shrek 4D. I had no expectations at all for this show. I mean, I was actually more bothered when the seat jumped up and down, got sprayed with water and getting compressed air in the neck… would this really give you a better experience??? No, I did not like it at all.
It was also a Special Effect Stage, which is exactly what it sounds like. A stage where they perform special effects and show you how it’s done. But honestly, I already knew how those effects were done. So, I got a little bored.

94-Universal_Studios.jpg 96-Universal_Studios.jpg

So, by 5 pm we said goodbye to Doug, our guide and we had an hour to walk around in the park on our own before it closed at 6 pm. Doug recommended us to visit Universal Studio’s Citywalk since the traffic is very intense around 6 pm when the park closes. Don’t even bother to try, he said. So, we found a small ice cream shop that also sold Frozen Yoghurt. We got to taste every flavor first before we decided what we wanted and then we paid after the weight. Very clever! And the Frozen Yoghurt was great! While walking to our car, we experienced an amazing sunset over Los Angeles – photo moment of course!

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